Workshop on Emotional Wellness of Teachers at Mai Bhago Ji International School, Tarn Taran

Evergreen Publications and Mindfull Solutions joined forces to organize a significant workshop at Mai Bhago Ji International School in Tarn Taran. The workshop's primary focus was to address the emotional wellness of teachers and equip them with essential techniques for effective student management. Dr. Anjleen Kaur, our esteemed resource person, played a pivotal role in this endeavor. She not only highlighted the importance of effective communication skills when interacting with various stakeholders within the school ecosystem but also emphasized the power of gratitude. The workshop concluded with a gratitude exercise, leaving a positive impact on all participants.

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Workshop on Effective English Teaching Techniques and NEP 2020 at Regency Public School, Sitapur

A workshop was held at Regency Public School in Sitapur focusing on Effective English Teaching Techniques and NEP (National Education Policy). The workshop saw active participation from teachers, the principal, and the director of the school. The event was organized along with the team from Evergreen Publications. The workshop featured Ms Anita Arathoon as the Resource Person for English—the workshop aimed at enhancing the quality of English language education and understanding the implications of the New Education Policy 2020. Ms Anita Arathoon, an experienced and renowned English language expert, facilitated the workshop with her expertise and knowledge in the field.

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Workshop on Emotional Wellness of Teachers at Paras Public School, Palampur

Evergreen Publications and Mindfull Solutions jointly organized a workshop at Paras Public School, Palampur, with the primary objective of addressing the Emotional Wellness of Teachers and providing them with a de-stressing experience. The school's management is deserving of praise for offering us this opportunity. Serving as the workshop's facilitator was Dr. Anjleen Uppal, a mental health expert, psychotherapist, and excellence coach who has received training in the UK and Canada. She imparted various techniques to the teachers, aimed at enhancing their emotional and mental well-being. Mrs. Ronita Chopra, the Director of Evergreen Publications, expresses her gratitude to Dr. Anjleen Kaur for the invaluable support in advancing the cause of "Wellness in the Education Sector."

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